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Women Recovers Completely After Freezing Solid at -22ºF for 6 hours


We’ve all heard of miracles. Some might make sense; others may not. But what about the ones that have no explanations attached to them? One such miracle happened in 1980 when a girl named Jean Hilliard was frozen to death but came back to life miraculously. Doctors seem to have no reasoning whatsoever regarding how she made it, but the story is legit.

It was 22 degrees below zero temperature when this happened. She was driving to her home after meeting a friend, and suddenly her car slipped and fell into a ditch. She was, however, unhurt at that time.

Instead of staying in the car, since she thought she might freeze to death, she thought of walking to a friend’s home who she knew lived nearby. However, it was 22 degrees below zero, and the distance was quite large. She walked against the wind, and her legs were freezing terribly.

As Jean later remembers is, she saw her friend’s driveway and suddenly collapsed due to immense tiredness and she couldn’t move. It was around 1 AM when she couldn’t gather more strength to walk and fell.

She lay there for 6 hours in a state of unconsciousness as her body slowly froze as if turning her into an ice sculpture. After collapsing, she was lying there for about 6 hours, and her body had turned ice before her friend (Wally Nelson) walked out at 7 in the morning and saw the frozen Jean lying there. He thought she was dead since her face looked terribly like a ghost.

As the doctors say, she was breathing slow and getting just eight heartbeats per minute. There was even no space to insert the thermometer to take the temperature. She was frozen rock solid. None of her joints was moving. They couldn’t move any of her body parts, not even pierce her skin for a needle. Her eyes were unresponsive to light. Everything was dead frozen, and there seem to be no hope of life for her. They just placed warm and moist packs around her body to raise up the body temperature.




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