This Is What Happens To Your Skin When You Sleep In Your Makeup

This Is What Happens To Your Skin When You Sleep In Your Makeup!

Getting ready for an outing requires you to look fabulous, and there’s nothing that can help you look instantly glamorous than a great outfit and ‘Makeup’. But till the time you come back, you become tired and sleep completely take over you, and your skincare routine goes down the drain. Well, you certainly have a good night’s sleep, but that becomes a rough night for your skin. Oil, Dirt, Pollution stays on your skin and sleeping with it causes serious damage to your skin.

So here are five skin problems caused by sleeping in your makeup will ensure that you never skip your face cleansing routine.

1. Inflammation: Your skin prevents you from dirt and pollution, and when it is healthy, it can regulate itself in an efficient direction. But not cleaning your skin leaves it disrupted. This allows hydration to leak out and causes inflammation. This can lead to peeling of skin, redness, itching and scaly skin.



2. Acne: When excess dirt and oil accumulates on your skin and forms a layer on your skin. The dust particles block skin cells causing acne to appear.



3. Styes & Infections: Those small bumps near your eyes is the result of not cleaning your skin as bacterias accumulate on your skin and make it prone to infections.



4. Dry & Chapped Lips: Do you know that lips are the most sensitive part of your body and they can lead to inflammation of the lips if they’re in contact for an extended period.



5. Dullness: When you have dirt, oil and makeup interfering with your skin, your skin doesn’t breathe properly, which results in dull skin. That’s the reason why clean and freshly washed skin looks more radiant.





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